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The Best Way to Increase Your Sales:
4 Proven Steps to Develop the Most Compelling Answers to Why Your Prospects Should Buy Now!

The Best Way to Increase Your Sales: 4 Proven Steps to Develop the Most Compelling Answers to Why Your Prospects Should Buy Now!  

Written by international sales expert Michael Cannon, The Best Way to Increase Your Sales is an updated version of a key chapter on sales messaging in a book co-authored with celebrity business leaders and best-selling authors Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen, et al., entitled "Create the Business Breakthrough You Want: Secrets and Strategies from the World's Greatest Mentors." The book received endorsements from such business luminaries and best-selling authors as Harvey Mackay, Dr. Stephen Covey and Ken Blanchard.

This eBriefing describes a proven process for how you can develop and deploy Silver Bullet Sales Messaging® that has been proven to increase sales up to 1300%.

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If you honestly do not believe the investment was worth the money, then send us an email (we would appreciate a brief explanation so we can learn from your experience) and we will issue an instant refund, no questions asked. The guarantee is good for 30 days from the purchase date, which should give you plenty of time to evaluate the ideas and the methodology presented in the eBriefing.

What You Will Learn:

  • How sales messaging is different from company messaging
  • Why implementing sales messaging is often the best way to increase your sales
  • The 5 key buyer types and 3 buyer roles your company needs to attract in order to succeed
  • The top 10 buying questions and which ones your buyers are asking
  • A system for quickly identifying all the ways your offering improves the buyer’s condition
  • How to develop and deploy great sales messaging using a proven methodology
  • A framework for how to integrate sales and marketing for greater effectiveness that you can apply immediately

This eBriefing is a must-buy for sales and marketing executives, marketing managers and those interested in how to sell more with less time, money and effort. If you want results quickly, then you need to…

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"Very compelling and pragmatic tools and principles to accelerate your sales and marketing efforts."
—Mark V. Klopp, Managing Director, Eastman Ventures

"A useful framework for thinking through the selling process and real, actionable ideas that you can apply to grow your business right away."

—Susan Wheeler, VP/Programs, American Marketing Association

“An excellent methodology for organizing and focusing limited business development resources for maximum results.”

—Rob Freedman, President & General Manager

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Acrobat PDF Download (10 pages) /$29.95


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