“In three months our sales pipeline has doubled in size, and our close rate is up by 150%.”

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Buyer's Guide

Why Now: Why Invest in More Effective Customer Communications Today?


You should implement more effective customer communications now because market dynamics (see below) have changed. As a result, it’s highly likely that you are:

  • Leaving 5%-10% of your company’s annual revenue “on the table” or, worse, giving it to your competitors
  • Funding other projects that offer lower return and a higher risk of failure

Old Market Dynamics

  • The seller had a lot of control over buying process – buyers accessed information by talking with a salesperson
  • The salesperson did the work of translating descriptive marketing content into influential conversations

New Market Dynamics

  • The buyer has the most control over the buying process, accessing information directly via the Internet to websites and social media
  • Buyers short-list vendors and/or buy without talking to a salesperson
  • Content must be more influential and do more of the salesperson’s job
  • Without more influential content and conversations, the buyer will either not buy, will take longer to buy, or is more likely to buy from your competitors
  • Sales and marketing need to make it easier for the buyer to engage with and select you

Your Choices

  • Lead – Gain competitive advantage by adapting to new market dynamics sooner and faster than your competitors
  • Follow – Wait till your competitors adapt and starts reducing your revenue and market share
  • Ignore – Continue with the same go-to-market approach and hope that your competition does the same


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